Michael Smith
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Once we have helped you identify a development opportunity we undertake to advise you on the appropriate strategy to realise best value prior to the sale process. Again, our multi-disciplinary approach pays dividends here. Serving the private and public sectors, our experience and transparency augments the comprehensive range of planning and complementary services that we offer.

At JCN Design and Planning we are committed to a creative, collaborative and commercial way of working. Every project that we undertake is with the knowledge that achieving planning permission requires more than just compliance with policy. It is the components of a tailored approach that ensure applications are successful. We offer the optimum combination of expertise to ensure your application and strategic promotions are considered favourably.

Working with local authorities requires a comprehensive knowledge of policy planning and procedures. Transparency is key to a successful working relationship and we draw on inside knowledge and experience to achieve favourable outcomes.

“Our passion for planning means we thrive on providing creative solutions to complex issues.”